Biscuit Town

You're shallow waters, I'm the deep seabed
And I'm the reason you flow
I got more moons wrapped around my head and Jupiter knows
Whilst you orbit with some stupider hoes
Only a slacker would know tryna get up and group home
Tryna eat from the same bowl, in my troopers abode

The Locomotive

I'm not in the mood, but I gotta move
At least what I was hoping
The barriers stayed open
Now it's just for the wait
And how unjust is this weight

Cadet Limbo

Lost paradise for one
I can see your face
Lost to where I belong
I walked across you everyday
As I floated along
Spent most of my time orbiting your waist
And had it really been this long?
Since I got lost in space?

Half Man Half Shark

You were so fine the moonlight
Head aligned with your eyes in my sight
Caught everything
Simple soft thoughts, simples soft thoughts become menacing
Twisted raw adrenaline
Racing through my bones, racing through my body

La Lune

Mono inner collision
Born to mid decision
Born bare invision
Just to master a sigh
They found reasons to try
Clone the sea at night
Brave waves bathe the eye
Well I crave ways to dry